Consignor Authorization and Policy Agreement

The Four Steps:

1. Bring your seasonal items to any Greene Street location – no appointment required.

There is a 10 piece minimum – no maximum – to start a consignment contract.

Our staff will go through your items on an initial basis and provide you with an item count receipt.  Note: We do not negotiate pricing at any time.

2. Process Day

Processing takes up to 21 days after your initial visit. Your items will be gone through a second time by our processing personnel.  Note: You may have further rejections at that time.

On the process day:

  • We will price your items and enter them into the computer and generate a contract for you.
  • You will be emailed the contract which will include your final claim date and will be advised regarding any further rejections.
  • You will have one week to pick up any items that have been rejected.

3. Expiration

Your goods stay on our sales floor for 60 days total with no markdowns.

The last day of your 60 day term is your CLAIM DATE.  Note: We do not provide sales updates until 5 days of your claim date.

Should you wish to reclaim any unsold merchandise, you must come in to the store ON OR UP TO 5 DAYS PRIOR to your CLAIM DATE; otherwise, items become shop property. Any item sold after your claim date will not be included in your commission if you fail to pick up your items on time.   Note: You are responsible for pulling your items from the sales floor at the time of reclaim.

Greene Street does not pay for items that are lost, stolen, or damaged.

4. Payment

Your 40% commisison check will be mailed 14 business days after your claim date – expect your check within 30 days of contract expiration.